Old Station #30

The Old Station #30 Museum is housed in a building first constructed by the Los Angeles County Fire Department in Downey in 1937. It was used in that city until 1950 when it was moved to Artesia and became LACFD Station #30, where it
served the community of Artesia and much of the surrounding rural area. A new station was built to serve the growing area and house Station #30 in 1985; several tenants occupied the vacated building after 1985.

In conjunction with its plan to create an Artesia Historic District, the City of Artesia purchased the historic building in 2005 and undertook a complete renovation and restoration effort. When the restoration was complete it was turned over to the Artesia Historical Society for outfitting as a second community museum and one of the cornerstones of the planned Historic District.

A tour of the building begins in the large room at the entrance to the museum, which was known as the Day or Recreation Room. The Firemen worked 24-hour shifts and the station operated 7 days a week; as a result, fire fighters “lived” at the station during their tour of duty. This room was used between calls and after their other work was complete much like your living room at home. They played cards, listened to the radio and just relaxed. Today this room contains examples of fire equipment and clothing and a large collection of toy fire trucks and apparatus donated by former fire fighter, Fred Earl.

The small room to the right of the Day Room was added to the building in 1964 to provide the Captain with a Private Office. The Artesia Historical Society is using it as a resource center related to the history of Artesia. It contains files, books, pictures, etc.

Since the firemen “lived” at the station while on duty the Kitchen provided a place for them to prepare and eat their meals. The room has been fully restored with the original cabinetry and tile work. A replica 1950s era table and chairs along with a new stove and refrigerator designed to replicate the look of the 50s has been acquired for this space.
The Locker Room and Dormitory are next on our tour. The small room next to the kitchen contains lockers, bathroom facilities and a shower. The shower’s red light alerted a man bathing that a fire call had been received. The dormitory originally contained 4 beds to sleep the on-duty firemen, but now contains an antique rope bed and some other artifacts.

The Engine Bay is the “garage” for the fire truck. The Artesia Historical Society has graciously been loaned a fully restored 1941 fire engine from the County of Los Angeles Fire Museum Association for display in this area. It closely resembles the type of truck that was used during the active years of Old Station #30. The stained glass Angel found in the bay is from the 1922/23 Artesia Methodist Church. Church members, Mr. and Mrs. Carver commissioned this window in honor of his deceased sister. After the building was demolished the window was stored many years before being given to AHS.

Old Station #30 is open to the public on the second Saturday of each month from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm, or by appointment for groups. Inquiries may be made by email to artesiahistoricalsociety@yahoo.com.

Old Station #30
18641 Corby Avenue, Artesia, CA