Walker House

The J.W. Walker House in San Dimas was constructed between 1887—1888 and was to be used as a hotel for the expected land boom. The land boom never materialized and the hotel never had a paying guest.

James and Sue Walker purchased the 13,200 square foot building in 1889 and six generations of their family lived in the

In 2000, the City of San Dimas, through their redevelopment agency, purchased the building and began plans for renovation. The renovation project began in 2007 and took 22 months to complete at a cost of close to $9 million. The building will now become the home of the San Dimas Historical Society, San Dimas Festival of Arts, and the San Dimas Rodeo.

The ground floor of the house will feature Saffron Restaurant which will serve the community and visitors to this wonderful venue.

For additional information on the Walker House, contact the City of San Dimas, 245 East Bonita Avenue or call at 909-394-6200.

Information is also available at www.cityofsandimas.com.

The Walker House
121 N. San Dimas Avenue, San Dimas, CA